Help Support the Mission of sBrianBell -  Finding LIFE!

A Personal Message from Brian:


Hey friend,

First off, I want to sincerely thank you for being here. 

In 2023, I started a new quest to use what I've learned on my 12-year journey of finding life to help others find life as well. 

I could definitely use your help and support.  

If you are willing and able, please consider the following options:

My mission is to live life true to my God-given design, and to help others do the same; to help others find life in Christ above all things; to help others find life true to themselves; and to point them to the one true Creator, Author, and Source of life.  

My battle cry:  Help me help others FIND LIFE!!!  

Please know, any amount or involvement is so greatly appreciated. 


Missions near and dear to our hearts:

  • Echo Church - The church we moved from Tennessee to California to help start in 2019. 
  • OC United - An incredible local non-profit organization that helps so many people in need in our local community.
  • Drops of Grace - Our missionary friends that moved from Tennessee to Uganda.  
  • K-Love Radio - Encouraging, Positive, K-Love.